Secure your capital benefits – because too much liquidity
has never driven anyone into the red!

Liquidity is one of the key areas of business. That’s why we take care of your cash flow with a professional accounting, dunning and debt collection service. Because the customer relationship only turns into money after a purchase, we make sure to use the right payment method, to keep losses to a minimum. All this is completely integrated into your e-commerce transaction, which is always 100% transparent.

Whether you’re working with high or low-risk products, we make sure that the cost of the credit check remains as small as the risk of default. For example, we’ll use:

  • External sources
  • Statistically calculated quotas
  • Cascading information

All this will act as a barrier against attempted fraud at the same time.

Take advantage of these individual services:

  • Use of certified GAAP accounting software – it can also be used as a complete ERP system, with planning, order processing and purchasing.
  • Accounting, with settlement of all payment methods, credit notes, unclassified payments, account reconciliation, re-payments etc.
  • Flexible dunning procedures, which you can control and customise
  • Debt collection, according to expected returns
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Optional: we can also take care of all accounting tasks. The system offers complete financial management, including P&L, electronical VAT decleration, cost centres, balance sheets, etc.
  • Consulting and workshops on how to handle your finances in eCommerce
  • Maturity factoring: you can avoid taking risks with payment methods, delivery on open invoices or direct debits, without affecting your customers. They can pay directly into your bank account without having to go through an unknown third party!
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