Ensure capital benefits – because too much liquidity
has never put anyone in the red!

Liquidity is one of the central key areas in the company - therefore, we take care of professional accounting not only for your debtor and receivables management but also to optimise your cash flow immediately. And because a client relationship is only about money after the purchase, we take care of the appropriate payment method at the order stage and your worldwide payment. Everything is completely integrated into your e-commerce processing so every day you have 100% transparency.

Whether high or low-risk products - we ensure that the costs of credit checks stay as low as the potential default risk; for example through...

  • external information sources,
  • Billing and direct debit protection
  • worldwide optimised payment methods

whereby potential fraud attempts are caught in advance.

Benefit from these individual services:

  • Use of GoDB-certified accounting software which can be used simultaneously as a complete ERP system with merchandise management, order processing and purchasing.
  • Debtor accounting with processing for all payment methods, credit, non-assignable payments, account reconciliation, reversal transfers, etc.
  • Flexibly-managed dunning with many variation options
  • Debtor management according to the expected return
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Integration in a payment service provider portal
  • Optional: Adoption of other accounting tasks, the system provides complete financial accounting with P&L, management accounts, automatic VAT returns, cost centres, annual financial statements, etc.
  • Advice and workshops on the topic of payments in e-commerce
  • Maturity factoring/ Billing and direct debit protection: no longer a risk for billing or direct debit payment methods but without your customer being aware of it. They pay into your bank account and not to an unknown third party!

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