Your ideas for tomorrow were already packed by us yesterday

Whether you’re looking to store products or send daily shipments, you can use our logistics range to open up space for more room to manoeuvre. And because we don’t require large upfront investments, your service can be tailored exactly to your needs: from outsourcing your shipping completely to seeking partial solutions during seasonal peaks, with our flexible, zero-defect programme and process reliability, we’re there for you.

Of course, we can also take care of managing your goods inventory, as well as handling returns and the associated evidence, such as what was sent back and in what quality. This will have an immediate effect on your inventory and debtor accounting, but also on risk and receivables management.

Receipt of goods

  • Collecting boxed and pallet goods
  • Unloading and gathering geo-data (e.g. dimensions and weights of new products)
  • Inspecting incoming goods by looking for external defects and damage, as well as controlling quantity with spot checks or by counting higher-value goods upon consultation
  • Documenting any damages and abnormalities
  • Accounting and inputting this information into the IT system
  • Disposing of transport packaging
  • Inspecting the quality of incoming goods: (Optional) a specially trained team can take a sample to check the quality of the product

Storing the products properly

  • Using the interface to notify the client system of available stock
  • Updating the IT system to include movement of goods
  • Providing clients with defined stock reports
  • Using CCTV
  • Using sealed storage for premium goods

Picking and shipping orders

  • Creating shipping documents (e.g. customer invoices and delivery notes)
  • Tailore made pick and pack strategies
  • Checking quality through spot-checks when goods are dispatched
  • Storing packing materials
  • Scanning goods issues and inputting this information into the IT system
  • Notifying consignor when goods are shipped
  • Shipping worldwide (B2C and B2B)

Processing returns

  • Opening packages and assigning returns to the original order
  • Assessing goods in accordance with criteria specified by the client e.g. A or B goods, prepared goods etc.
  • Assessing returns and the reasons for returns
  • Making stock declarations about availability of goods
  • Using a checking facility to avoid returns fraud

Preparing and processing returns into saleable products: washing, ironing, removing stains, steaming, cleaning and repackaging.

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