Keep your customers coming back for more!

We deal with intense cross-channel e-commerce, so that you can keep pace with your customers. This is the future of merchandise trade, so we’ll develop a successful solution for you, based on coordinated transaction processes and including all the appropriate interfaces: bespoke, affordable, and no wishy-washy compromise. But more importantly, your shop will grow with your success – because it uses multiple currencies, languages, partners and tax rates, it will always be flexible. Accounting, credit check and call centre services are also included.

An outstanding international shop system works in unison with our partner’s order management system. This means that all core elements are closely linked and offer completely new possibilities for your e-commerce business.

Our complete settlement is affordable and will meet all your requirements:

  • Product management (PIM)
  • Customer management
  • Order fulfilment (including drop shipment)
  • Inventory data management
  • Transaction management
  • Supplier and shop management
  • Annual monitoring and reports


  • Power operation and failsafe platform performance, with fully redundant / scalable server levels and fall-over mechanisms
  • Hosting in a professional data centre
  • Data security, in accordance with the German Data Protection Act
  • Multi-level encryption with a 256-bit SSL
  • Real-time back ups
  • 24-hour monitoring, seven days a week, all year round

Technology and costs

  • Java-based enterprise web technology
  • Flexible administration of roles and rights
  • High-performance – is capable of more than 280 000 orders an hour
  • Scalable business model based on basic rent and transaction costs
  • One time fees for setup and system integration
  • Real-time reporting on all transactions
  • Unlimited buyers and stock-keeping units (SKUs) for each shop

For more information, please contact our partner eTradeNet:

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