Don't let payments slow your growth to a snail’s pace

It’s more convenient for both you and your customers: all regular methods of payment are controlled directly from your shop, depending on solvency, so that as few customers as possible terminate. The accounting and logistics information is also fully integrated. This gives you almost priceless advantages; you can draw on unlimited resources using a single interface, from delivery on open invoice to credit cards - with mobile payment, international cash transfer, risk checks and payment guarantees.

You can also assign your claims to various factoring companies. As the consignor, you’ll benefit from a kind of payment guarantee, so you’ll always be on the safe side financially.

Our Payment Service Providing partner is large enough to be a market leader in professional payment solutions, but at the same time, it’s small enough to guarantee our clients fast, competent and personal service at any time, specifically tailored to their needs.

Take advantage of these individual services:

  • Flexible execution of all your requirements
  • PKN (pseudo card number) instead of PCI certification
  • Time-saving procedures
  • International payment methods
  • Easier access to foreign accounts and debit acceptances
  • Extended authorization
  • Optimised partial transactions with fully automatic authorisation
  • Efficient fraud prevention measures, including Schufa or Amex testing
  • Quick responses for sales and support
  • Expert advice and flexible availability

For more information, please contact our partners Computop and Commdoo:

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