Even if you have to face the unexpected –
we’ll make sure your bills add up!

As an authorised collection servicer, we want you to keep your valuable customers and to identify what isn’t as profitable. The basis for this is an efficient risk management system, with professional credit checks, optimised dunning procedure and stricter debt collection. This includes handling accounts in time, with the corresponding new- and re-payments, meaning faster liquidity at a lower cost to you.

We’ll speed up successful collections and reduce bad debts. If issues arise, we’ll encourage your clients in an appropriately serious, but very efficient manner, to pay any outstanding bills - the aim is to allow a further business relationship between you and defaulting customers.

That’s why we’re always looking for the best, most sustainable solutions to instalment agreements or extensions. For example, the payment method can be adjusted for the very next order – we can integrate the payment system electronically across all channels and payment methods.

Our credit check partner is one of the very few companies that remains independent of external data suppliers. Among its strengths are immense knowledge and experience, the most appropriate data come in second place. Consequently, almost any data supplier can be integrated.

Take advantage of these individual services:

  • Stearing of payment methods by credit rating, or a credit check for unsafe payment methods only
  • Fraud detection/identity check
  • Address validation/standardisation for the shop
  • Application filter for risk products and customer lists (black and white)
  • Flexible connection for information providers, according to risk or order value
  • Risk-check optimiser to improve acceptance rates and reduce the cost of acquiring data
  • Limit Management
  • Consolidation of data into an overall decision
  • Maturity factoring: you can avoid taking risks with payment methods, delivery on open invoices or direct debits, without affecting your customers. They can pay directly into your bank account without having to go through an unknown third party!

For more information about credit and credit-hour checks, please contact our partners CRIF and BÜRGEL:

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